Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need textbooks for the courses I enrol in?

No. All course materials are prepared by experienced OCT teachers using at least 1 or 2 Ontario Ministry of Education recommended textbooks as reference books. All course materials are available online once you are enrolled in the course. You do not need to purchase any particular textbook for IAC courses.

Do I need to take language tests such as IELTS/TOFEL when applying to your academy?

No. For international students who have never had any academic history in Ontario before, you will need to take our entrance assessment. This will help us place you in courses that best promote your potential.

If I already have TOEFL/IELTS test scores, can my entrance assessment exam be waived?

Your TOEFL/IELTS test scores can be a good reference. Our admission officers will review your whole application package before making the final decision.

What is the maximum number of courses I can take at the same time?

To ensure that you have enough time and energy to contribute to each IAC course, you can only be enrolled in1 course at a time if you are a part-time student at IAC. If you are an IAC full-time student, however, you can take a maximum of 3 courses during each term.

Do I need to follow a specific timeline to take my online courses?

Yes. There are some specific timelines that you have to follow for each online course you enrol in at IAC. This includes:

• Course start date and end date. Normally a course in Mathematics or Science runs in a span of 10 weeks whereas you can have up to 12 weeks to finish a Grade 11 or 12 English course.

• Dates and time for online live lecturing. Once or twice per week, you will attend an online live conference in which your course teacher will go over course content, facilitate online discussion and debate, and/or host your presentation seminars.

• Designated due date to finish each unit in a course. The nature of IAC courses and the reliance on peer evaluation and interaction demand that all students be at the same place in the course at the same time.

What can I do if I don’t understand the course material?

Your course teachers can be easily reached in every online live lecturing, daily office hours and/or emails. You can also access our 24/7 real-person online tutoring program if you have any questions regarding the assignments. Do not wait until the end if you find you are lagging behind. Reach out to your course teacher or IAC officer so that we can help you out.

How can I take the final exams in the courses?

If you are physically in Toronto, Canada, you will need to go to our main office in Toronto to take the final exam in person. If you are located outside of Toronto, regardless of whether you are in Vancouver or Beijing, we will send a certified proctor to administer the final exam at your location. 

I only need to worry about the assignments that are for grades, right?

No. Every IAC course is comprised of a variety of class exercise and submissions that may not be given an official grade designation. However, they may be taken into consideration in the calculation of your final mark. The final mark may be impacted by failure to submit an assignment that is not graded. All assessment items in IAC courses are connected to the curriculum expectations that have been set out by the Ministry of Education and must be completed in order to access the final exam.

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