Welcome From IAC’s Principal

As IAC’s cofounder and principal, I am eager to share our academic achievements with you as we continue to improve our educational delivery system.

Over the past few years IAC has evolved to offer many programs to help all of our students. I am an original cofounder and the current principal of Insight of Academy. I am honoured to be a part of a school in which our primary focus is implementing what is best for our students. Please preview our course offerings, school achievements and quality online standards as I am sure you will see this school is the right fit for you!

Mission Statement

This mission statement of Insight Academy of Canada is to create students with independent minds and critical thinking skills who have developed a love of learning that will last a life-time. Our students will be prepared for post-secondary or work destinations and will be actively engaged with the world around them and with each other. IAC is committed to being innovative in its course materials and presentation, accessible to and inclusive of all students and above all, accountable to both its students and parents.

An Exceptional School

  • offering students access to our online system so it is available to everyone
  • Providing challenging courses for gifted students to inspire their learning potential
  • Reaching each and every student and providing them access to passionate teachers and support staff
  • Preparing students for university education so they are prepared and confident

IAC’s Story

IAC was found in 2013 by Yang’s Family Foundation. This school came into being through a long observation of students not being prepared for university. These students were accepted to prestigious universities but did not have the suitable skills to be successful in their respective programs. Our goal is to provide students with the foundation they need to achieve strong academic results in their post-secondary school studies.

Two university professors, one OCT teacher, one math principal from the public school board united to solve these problems and ultimately help students. We wanted to provide students with all the necessary skills for them to be successful and confident in their post-secondary educational studies.

Students are placed in the appropriate courses where customized projects are assigned to challenge them at every stage of their academic career with IAC.

Our students get the opportunity to engage with their teachers and peers through a variety of verbal and written forms of communication which match university style expectations.

The coursework promotes application, rather than knowledge-based information. Students must extend their understanding through thinking and application which deepens their understanding of the material and connects it to real life purposes.

History Highlights

2013 - IAC is founded


  • IAC designs OSSD online credit courses and is approved by the Ministry of Education to offer this program
  • Team ranks 21st in the world in CEMC Grade 9 Fryer
  • Team ranks 18th in the world in CEMC Grade 12 Euclid
  • IAC hosts an education conference for professionals in the GTA - 400 people attended to discuss how to better serve our students so they are prepared for university
  • 2017

  • Team ranks 2nd in Canada in CEMC Grade 12 Euclid
  • Team ranks 5th for AMC competition in Canada
  • Math League ranks 7th in the world
  • IAC students enter the first International Junior Drone competition hosted by the University of Toronto
  • 2018

  • IAC is authorized by the College Board to provide online AP courses to students.
  • Joined NACCC Platform
  • Partnered with Redleaf from Europe
  • 2019

  • Designed our own CANVAS System and opened it up to all international schools
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    Meet Our People


    Expert Teachers

    All the teachers at IAC are Ontario certified and have many years of classroom and online teaching experience. Our professional coaches help students prepare for a variety of Olympiad contests.


    Admission Team

    IAC’s admission team assists our students when selecting the courses that are needed to complete their studies for their intended high school studies. This team provides counselling information for students who intend to apply to universities.


    Support Team

    Our academic support team stays updated on teaching and learning strategies to offer our students the best course offerings possible. This team researches information about the course content to keep it fresh and relevant for our students.



    We have students from around the globe that are taking our full OSSD course a single course, AP course(s) and Olympiad math courses. At times we have students who are enrolled in all three programs with the intention of expanding their range of interests and knowledge by completing each of those components of our course offerings.


    Supportive Community

    IAC’s supportive community consists of parents and family members who undoubtedly want the best for our students. Our partnership with our parents has proven beneficial to our teachers and students as we recognize the value of working as a community to constantly be improving the progress of our students.

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