Olympiad Math Program


Specifically designed by our expert team at IAC this program is grouped by top international math educators. The IAC Olympiad Math Preparation Program has its foundation in North American math curriculum as well as a deep and ongoing investigation into the world Olympiad math competition and training system. The program, tailored to nurture 8 to 18-year-olds who have an innate love of math, relies on international educational concepts and an advanced online teaching mode to fully develop students' mathematical thinking and English expression abilities. During the overall learning process, students will have the chance to simultaneously promote their competence in language arts, subject knowledge, and thinking ability which are all required in the 21st century, and therefore cultivate core competitiveness for future development.

North American Fun Thinking Training (Primary: Grade 3-6)
This course focuses on nurturing young children's English thinking and language ability. The curriculum is designed to help students comprehensively improve their proficiency in the target language. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are developed through the process of attacking fun math problems. Courses are to stimulate students' interest in learning math, and to cultivate our students' desire for active exploration, ability to think creatively and critically and develop skills to solve problems effectively and practically.  
International Olympiad Math Training (Secondary: Grade 7-12)
This training focuses on the improvement of mathematic skills, aiming at the international mathematics competitions such as AMC (American Mathematics Competitions) and CEMC (Waterloo Mathematics and Computing Contests). Students will explore a systematic study of the four modules of array combination, algebra, geometry and number theory. The program is committed to cultivating students’ rigorous thinking and analysis in math. It helps students to fully develop problem-solving skills and therefore achieve better results in various international Olympiad mathematics competitions, and enhance their competitiveness in university applications.
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