Liuqing Yang was one of those rare people who loved life and could make you love yours. He was pre-eminently successful as a scholar and as a scientist, but he also provided deep insight into any challenge of the heart, and he brought together diverse friends and family all at once.

Yang was a professional engineer and successful business person who earned his MA from the Harbin Institute of Technology. After traveling through Europe, Russia, and Southeast Asia and living in many different countries, Yang settled to build his business career in Manzhouli, China. Many years of professional success then led his interests to the area of education, because he saw that this was one of the most important concerns of contemporary life. As his business had become well-established, Yang decided to dedicate more of his time and financial resources to the field of education.

High scores are not the only thing that matters to a student, and Yang realized this as he asked; What will make the next generation of students’ lives more meaningful and successful? He believed the answer to be a combination of mental and physical factors that build unique and engaged minds. As he always told his own children, “Do what you think is right, follow your heart, and do not hide your feelings."

Travel and finding adventure in new places were very important to Yang. He saw a deep value in natural beauty and made ongoing efforts to combine environmental protection with his exploration of the world. In Siberia, Yang traveled extensively to promote wildlife protection. Of course, he also worked in some personal interests such as his love for kayaking in the region of Hoh Xil, China.

Yang’s friends were as diverse as his experiences. He was equally at ease in an academic discussion in a fine restaurant as he was in a remote rural gathering. The common thread was his great love of people; he had an intuitive way of understanding people and finding their best qualities. For Yang, there was never any question whether his friends and family would be compatible, and he never missed an opportunity to bring the people he loved together.

For over ten years, Yang struggled and won in the battle against hypomelancholia. This admirable struggle ended in April 2016 when a sudden cerebral hemorrhage took his life. His love of life, people, and adventure never diminished through the later years of his life. His perseverance through that incredibly difficult time testifies to his extraordinary strength of character.

The Scholarship

The L.Q. Yang Memorial Scholarship, worth $1000, intends to offset expenses for a student pursuing post-secondary studies who exhibits excellent grades as well as a special contribution to his or her society or a special achievement in a personal interest such as Mathematics, Science, Music or other fields of innovation. The purpose of the scholarship is to perpetuate Yang’s talents and continue to illuminate the light that he brought to the world by seeing and encouraging this light in others.

The Successful Candidate

The successful candidate will receive $1000 from the L.Q Yang Memorial Scholarship fund in September of each year. IAC will request the pleasure of correspondence with the winner.

How Do I Start?

Please contact IAC directly to receive your application package.

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