Participate in Online or Face-to-Face Events


Sample Class

Students will get a chance to meet their teachers, try the Canvas system and participate in an open class. Students will learn how to use our online settings to get the most out of their studies with IAC.


Education Seminars

We have representatives from around the world who can meet with you during our face-to-face sessions. IAC is dedicated to offering quality education to our students and as such we offer offline education seminars and information sessions for parents and students.


Open House

Students, parents, teachers and admin staff can meet “in person” via Canvas. This online open house is used to answer questions and for everyone to learn more about school and instructional delivery style.

Application Process

Please review the following materials to get a better understanding of the application process and what we will need from you to process your request.

Apply to IAC

Congratulations as you’ve decided to apply to IAC! We are so happy to have you as one of our potential students. Here are the steps you need to complete to apply.


Admission Inquiries

Email us if you have any questions about your admissions application

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