Our Story

Insight Academy of Canada (IAC) recognizes the importance of entrepreneurship for both students and teachers alike. Today's world is very different compared to just one year ago, five years ago and even ten years ago! That has only happened by welcoming and inspiring the entrepreneurial creativity that exists in all of us. Entrepreneurship opportunities exist in each and every field and at IAC we believe that we need to harness that calling to create positive change that will ripple out into today's globalized world. At IAC we are honoured to work with such creative and critical thinking minds to develop an Entrepreneurial Club to harness the amazing skill set and range that exist in our talented students. Speakers from a variety of walks of like share their stories with our students based on their innovations and achievements as a means of carving the path for future generations of entrepreneurial minds.

What We Do

IAC's Entrepreneurial Club offers our students a great advantage based on our diversity and wealth of knowledge from alumni. Our students are from around the world thereby reflecting today's globalized society. Learning from different perspectives is the first, and most important way, to truly appreciate the different needs of our world. The creativity that comes from perspectives that some students may not have even been aware existed allows IAC students to learn from a great range of lessons. This range of connectivity also demonstrates a variety of areas where investments in partnerships, community and lifelong learning can be made.

What You Gain

It is clearly evident in recent years that many students have a greater desire to create someone new and on their own rather than working for others. IAC's Entrepreneurial Club is a means to give our students a range of skills and strategies to make those dreams a reality. Learning about start-ups and all the mechanics of this process gives our students the confidence and ability to apply this within their future paths. We offer our students valuable training and information to help them understand what is needed to make their start-ups a reality.

Experience Learning

Every term we have coordinated a special speaker to come in and educate our students about their experiences. There is nothing more valuable then getting direct information from fellow students and entrepreneurs and learning first hand what they did to make their dreams a reality. Our students will then share their own ideas and start working on building a plan and a team through the guidance of our mentors and alumni.

Learning from Peers

We have students from diverse backgrounds attend these club meetings. Some of our current students have already started their own business and they are willing to share their experiences but also gain the perspective and feedback from their peers to enhance their knowledge and most of the time improve their entrepreneurial skill set. Other students get to learn valuable information which will undoubtedly help them in their own career paths.


The Entrepreneurial Club welcomes any and all alumni to participate in this great program! Your knowledge is a valuable asset can help our current student body but also gives you the benefit of sharing your experience in the hopes of inspiring students, who were just like you, and making innovative changes that will benefit our world forever. For more information please contact Cora Lu to learn more about the amazing opportunities of giving back to fellow students and how you can become a part of IAC's ground-breaking Entrepreneurial Club.

Previous Projects

Artificial Intelligence and Deterioration of Ocean Ecosystem

In the context of ocean sustainability of west coast of Canada, some questions that need to be considered are: what is the significance of environmental indicators related to the impact on marine aquatic species? How can changes in environment be predicted by patterns of bioindicators, for example as a result of hypoxia, affecting farmed and wild salmon? A starting point to answer these questions is the development of a centralized, common, accessible database that documents the shift in marine observation metadata collected in the area. The objective of the study is to explore the spatial-temporal correlation between environment parameters and biological measurement of aquatic species in BC. We will develop a deep learning platform to integrate the information from environment conditions and the biological information of marine aquatic speices as follows: mortality of farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmon salar), abundance of wild Pacific salmon, and abundance of amphibian egg abundance in upstream habitat of wild salmon. The integration modeling of different sources of data, as the major output of the project will provide the analytic tool for ocean ecosystem service in the country.

Intern: Beibei Jia
Faculty Supervisor: Kai Liu
Province: Prince Edward Island
University: University of Prince Edward Island
Partner: Insight Academy of Canada
Sector: Education
Discipline: Computer science

Upcoming Events

Please participatein our upcoming Virtual Business Plan Competition!

August 15, 2021



Guest Speaker: Jerry Yang

Cora Lu

Interested students should submit plans to Mr. Yang via email at jerry.yang@insightacademy.ca by August 15, 2021.  

The top three plans will be asked to participate in IAC's competition for a chance to win a $1,000 start up funding prize.

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