Online Format

Each student, their peers and their teachers work together in our online setting that extends beyond a traditional home school classroom.

Live Online Seminars

Students and teachers will meet online for live seminar sessions. During this time students and the teacher can discuss the course content, have discussions, complete presentations and ask questions to enhance their understanding of the material. Our technological developments allow student to access the seminars from the convenience of their homes so that they can see and hear each other to extend dialogues about the course content. Course PPTs, video content, whiteboard capabilities are all used to reach a variety of different learning needs. Students even get the chance to use their pens on the whiteboard to complete a variety of tasks throughout the term.

Online Content

Our students get the benefit of accessing their full course notes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is especially beneficial for gifted students who may move through the material much more quickly. Students read specific course notes, related articles, preview the assignment details and start work on discussions and homework. They are also able to see past class recordings to review content and study the information for tests and the final exam.

Our Teachers

Our teachers have a wealth of knowledge based on their teaching history, background and expertise with online teaching. They understand the specific course expectations and how to adapt those lessons based on a mixture of teaching and learning strategies intended to appeal to different learning styles. Our teachers are OCT certified and apply those credentials to offer IAC students a vigorous learning experience.

In-Person and Online Events

IAC events are open for our students and their families. Our events are held in-person, online (through our Canvas system) or even a combination of in-person and online to reach all of our students and parents.
Online Events

Student Meetings

We offer a wide assortment of online events as our platform is able to reach many people in many locations. For example, students will gather online for contest events. We are able to seamlessly coordinate these events with many students around the world.


Face to Face Events

IAC has sister schools from all around the world. Our students will get the opportunity to meet with each other in person, to get a chance to study together as well as getting the opportunity to learn more about their peers.

Getting Ready for University Life

IAC is proud of the many successful students who have been a part of our establishment. Some students are completing our course and accomplishing other things such as writing articles that have been published, writing books, becoming successful Instagram social media influences, working on web development, becoming popular athletes, actors and singers as well as serving in the military.

Our university style of course delivery allows students to focus on other areas outside of their studies where they can take as many or as few courses as they need while they pursue those other endeavours. Our flexible style of teaching gives our students the opportunity to focus on their goals simultaneously while taking courses based on their individual needs and personal passions.

We have created a calendar based on our students’ schedule focused on optimal teaching times. Our focus at IAC is to help students develop strong time-management skills to help them as they proceed to university as well as their future career paths.

Five semesters per year

We offer continuous intake for our students so they do not have to wait a prolonged period to join our course. Students will attend online seminars, complete their homework and fulfill all course obligations to receive their interim and final grade during the designated course times.

Classes meet 110 hours per course

For each course students must meet the ministry’s mandated 110 hours of class time. This does not include time spent on homework. These rigorous courses are designed to help students cover the full class content so that they better understand the material and have that information for their future studies.

24-Hour Schedule

IAC understands the time difference in schedules as some students live in different areas compared to our teachers in Canada. As such we offer live classes throughout the day to meet the different scheduling requirements of all our students.

Online Examination

Our teachers are here at all times to work with our student so they can achieve the best possible grade for their final exams. Students have access to their course content, can review class videos and ask the teacher questions at any time.

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